zaterdag 1 juni 2013

I'm taking over.

I am so happy I didn't take a bigger internet subsbription than 500mb, forreal? There is wifi everywhere!  And i'm starting to find out all the benefits of using a smartphone. It's great fun to use it and i'm starting to get hooked by it. I feel it has made me more social already!
But is it?

I'm now chatting up late with my friend I would have said goodnight to otherwise. I usually dont chat much with other people I am now chatting witth. I felt pretty much left out before and more like a bother while I'm more a bother right now! Ive never felt to keep posting on facebook and write big stories on blogger like I do now. I feel happy and confident about it and I feel more concerned to everyone... in this way, does it make me more social?
I wonder what will happen in a long term, when being used to all of this.
This all is still new for me after all, I'm finding out my limits of what I want and what I can.

Well what I absolutely LOVE about my phone is taking and editing photos.
My friend Amanda wanted to take a photo of us two. Ending up in a fail after another... 

We went out in Rotterdam and had dinner at Vapiano.  A new restaurant all my other friends love!
It was such a classy restaurant, everything looked fancy, the system was clear and everywhere you sat felt luxury!
We wanted to sit in the conservatory but when we had our dinner, it was already filled... But we found other really nice chairs, It was very comfy! I would've take photos but obviously i didn't think of having dat luxury at hand at that instance. ;) But I will surely come back and take them!

I had a great time with my lovely Amanda.  She is such a good chat! I love to see het mature as well.
Hopefully she can visit the camping next tues! :D
Im off sleeping now, tomorrow is beware beach time!

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