maandag 24 juni 2013

My life at beware beach: Be carefull with the "child"

Summercamps notebook!

Next week, the summercamps are starting!
For 9 weeks, kids from age 10 to 17 will come over to camp and choose to wavesurf, windsurf or kitesurf for a whole week. In 3 of these weeks I will be leading the kids into the kitesurf activity and therefor we had an evening to prepare the summercamps. I learned a lot and am very excited to start.

Group colleguas for the summercamps. I'm the third from above.

We were given a notebook for the summercamps. In this notebook we are free to write something whatever we like about the summercamps. Idea's, stories, memories, games, whatever! Something relating the summercamps.
The most important thing is to keep the notebook in 1 piece.

Take care for it as if it is your child.

 In the three weeks of summercamp I will be working on. There will be weeks for kids to write their story. It is up to us to make it the best story ever.
"If a child will have a bad week, he/she will carry it with him/her for his/her whole life.
We are to raise the child, but also letting it have a wonderfull time with a lot of fun.
For us it may just be a week of work and babysitting. But for them, it's a week of getting to know new people, a new sport and lifestyle and their summervacation. So we must be aware of everything we do and everything we say as it is a big influence to the children. They are looking up against us and will do what we do. "

It is such a responcibility to carry for those weeks and I'm sure it won't be easy. The shifts are from 8 am till 11 pm and even in the nights you will have to be stand-by for the kids that cannot sleep or have any troubles. I think it will push the limits in working together in a team and still provide the best for the kids. But afterwards it would be paying off in gratitude. I'm looking forward a lot!

So the camping for the summercamps is builded up and I had to move my tent to another field to stay. Luckily next to the field of the summercamps so I can go to my tent pretty quick if I need something.
We moved the tent in a evening to avoid rain in the next morning and managed to do so before it got dark. Small things like the flaggs still need to be hung up again but I can do that in a free evening.
I took out one bed so my tent is really spacious and I can put a chair in it to chill. that's a comfort +1 I tell you. It's a luxury to be able to sit against something with a roof on your head :D I can read books without bothering my neck while laying down and cook inside my tent!

Boyfriend cooking breakfast inside the tent

So I look forward to sleep in there this week.
I have my first kitesurfcamp to lead. Not a summercamp, but a school camp. They will kitesurf with me for 1 week and I stay there for 5 days.
It appears to be cool because you're building up a bond with the group you're with. But I'm pretty curious how it'll go because it IS my first time leading the same group... But we'll see!

Going there in an hour! Time to pack my baggs, I love packing clothes that I just washed and smell so NICE!
Have a lovely week and see you laters!

Lovely sunset on the bridge meanwhile rushing to the camping to move the tent before it's dark.

zondag 16 juni 2013

My life at beware beach: I'm thinking two is better than one

It's lovely to have some internet on the camping and I'm using is all evening already, Can't get bored!

But no matter what,  I'll always miss you when You're gone...

Had a good day of work and was so beat up by the last two days of kiting that I fell asleep in the car while getting dressed to kite!
Perhaps my body needs some rest so I'll sleep early. Tomorrow my friend Susi is coming over to kite, I hope the wind will go better than predicted!

Life at the beach is soooo chilling!

Goodnight ^^

dinsdag 11 juni 2013

My life at beware beach: Stubborn tall men

Today I'm enjoying my second free day after work. Me sooooo lazy!!

It's going great at the beach, I enjoy it so much to give kitelessons. I get variety of people: Children, scared girls and even big tall men! But everyone has one thing in common, they want to learn kitesurfing and get to meet the kitesurf scene and I'm not really the perfect example for it. But I just enjoy spending time with them chatting and trying to get them kitecontroll independently.

Last saturday I thought the wind was about 24 knots. (27 is my max of holding the smallest kite, else I fly away) and I had two big and tall and stubborn men to instruct. I took the smallest kite, which is a 5,5 m2 and put the tallest men on it, and he flew when he bodydragged! haha He was 120 kilos and the kite could barely hold him and me (flipped inside out!!).
The man was very stubborn and didn't listen to what I said much, I'm just a tiny girl to him haha. But when my tips worked for him, he was sold! And did everything I said :D. He had to carry me back into the water all the time, because the waves were high and the water was deep, I couldn't stand on my own with the kite pulling on me. But I had the tall man kiting on a 5,5 and he was sold. Loved that lesson!
When finishing off, I got to my colleguas who were surprised that I could hold the kite because the knots were 30-35!! Explained a lot about not being able to get into the water. I was glad those tall men could hold me while I instructed them :P

Friend taking a photo in my kitelesson

I had a good weekend and now I have some free days to rest my body, it's physicly pretty heavy to work days after another. So I sleep and eat a lot in my free time!

My smartphone works since yesterday so I can call and text again and.... use the internet wherever I go! :D Yaaay. I finally got modern!!
This afternoon I'm meeting up friends from my class and have a last drink, finishing off the schoolyear and tomorrow.... I have a visit to my enemy-friend: The Dentist. I have a lot to complain about since our last meeting.. -.-
So I hope I can get to the beach thursday again to cheer up! :D

Is the summer coming through to your places? It's almost shining and warm here for a week now :D I've got good hopes!

zondag 2 juni 2013

My life at beware beach: the love

Never thought being a kitesurf instructrice would be so much fun. I've had two lessons today and they've beat me up.
But somehow I really enjoy doing it, I mean some people just keep falling and don't listen to what you say or so, but I cant help to not smile.
I'm so happy I can do this for a job, something I love to do so much myself.
I'm way to enthousiast at this and it's great to drag people along with that enthousiasm, I even forget that I'm cold or tired hehee

But I love it most when they understand what they're doing. It's lovely to see them going and work the sport out. Ah. Tomorrow a new day and a new lesson :D 


zaterdag 1 juni 2013

I'm taking over.

I am so happy I didn't take a bigger internet subsbription than 500mb, forreal? There is wifi everywhere!  And i'm starting to find out all the benefits of using a smartphone. It's great fun to use it and i'm starting to get hooked by it. I feel it has made me more social already!
But is it?

I'm now chatting up late with my friend I would have said goodnight to otherwise. I usually dont chat much with other people I am now chatting witth. I felt pretty much left out before and more like a bother while I'm more a bother right now! Ive never felt to keep posting on facebook and write big stories on blogger like I do now. I feel happy and confident about it and I feel more concerned to everyone... in this way, does it make me more social?
I wonder what will happen in a long term, when being used to all of this.
This all is still new for me after all, I'm finding out my limits of what I want and what I can.

Well what I absolutely LOVE about my phone is taking and editing photos.
My friend Amanda wanted to take a photo of us two. Ending up in a fail after another... 

We went out in Rotterdam and had dinner at Vapiano.  A new restaurant all my other friends love!
It was such a classy restaurant, everything looked fancy, the system was clear and everywhere you sat felt luxury!
We wanted to sit in the conservatory but when we had our dinner, it was already filled... But we found other really nice chairs, It was very comfy! I would've take photos but obviously i didn't think of having dat luxury at hand at that instance. ;) But I will surely come back and take them!

I had a great time with my lovely Amanda.  She is such a good chat! I love to see het mature as well.
Hopefully she can visit the camping next tues! :D
Im off sleeping now, tomorrow is beware beach time!