donderdag 30 mei 2013

My life at beware beach: Unstable beginning

May is almost over and so is the first month at Beware Beach. Meaning Pay day is coming too! :D
This month was very unstable because of my schooldays in between but I had some awesome weekends at the beach. I learned a new way of cooking and a new way of living. There's this special kind of ritual I've been creating to get everything done and everything needs to be thought of for going smoothly. And I learned this most important thing:

Living in a tent is WAY to uncomfortable. 

In the second weekend I ended up crying out of frustration because I couldn't get grip at the situation. Everything was a mess, everything was cold and wet and I had to work so much more while I just finished my work at the beach!

So a daily look at a working day is like the following:

(Morning - Camping)
Waking up on an alarm, clear my tent after picking the clothes I want to wear. I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, clean my face etc. etc. I go back and pick my dinnerware I need: Usually a bowl, a plate and cutlery. I take a chair and my food: Cornflakes and bread with cheese and sweet jam to take with me to work. I do that on the plate on my knees after I filled the bowl with cornflakes and milk.
It requires a lot of walking up and down to get things done, but in an hour I'm ready (It would take me about 30 minutes or less at home)

(Morning till evening - At the beach)
I go to work and do whatevers planned. The jobs I do varys from giving kitesurf lessons to take a group into beachsailing or kitebuggying. It's so much fun to do, and one takes more preparation than the other. Like I haate the beachsailing preparations. You have to prepare the carts with sails you have to lace up or extend. The sails are so very heavy. But the activity is very fun and easy. Time flies when having a big group, but when having a little one, time goes pretty slow. In the end it's about entertaining the people, so the smaller the group, the more effort you need to put in to entertain all of them.
After that I have to clean everything up, carry the sails from the cart to the container. There are colleguas out to help but it's still pretty heavy. The day ends around 5/6 sometimes around 7. Then when I go back to the camping, I'll be thinking forward if I need grocerys for the evening or the next morning. When I do, I visit the local supermarket thats open till 8 (luckily!).

(Evening - camping)
Then I go back to the camping and sit down to rest out, but I can't sit too long for I have to cook.
A collegua and friend owns a caravan and we eat together in her big front tent. We exchange cooking dinner for each other. One time she cooks and the other time it's my turn. After that we go to the bathroom to wash our dishes and take a shower afterwards. Then we walk back and hide our dishes into our own places, I got a box to save the dishes in by my boyfriend.
By then, the sky turns dark and we can do something more, like playing a game or going out skating, but when it's dark it's time to sleep and get ready for the next day.

Things like this needs to be SO structured. I have very little space in my tent and have put everything in a logic structure (logic for me!) So when my boyfriend stays over, it's frustrating to let him do things because it doesnt match my structure. He doesn't know how things are hidden, in what order I do things and why I do it that way. Besides, the tent is too little for two people to move in. So when I'm doing something, my boyfriend cant do anything. And vice versa, slowing up things even more!
The key to it is to count to 10 and to set your mind at zero. It's a situation where minor things are very frustrating and nothing can be helped at that moment. 
But I still need to get the hang of that!

Thats my tent and front garden to hang my wetsuits, towels etc to dry.

There are two beds on the back and little space on front with boxes with clothing and a foodstorage to keep things organized.

I will stay forever jealous of my friends caravan. She had it just a little earlier than I could and she could keep it, I wasent allowed to get one anymore. While staying in the tent takes up the same space as the caravan. It's very unfair, I still can get sad by it but it is the way it is. I'm glad she welcomes me in her front tent though so I dont have to lay in bed all evening long doing nothing. But seeing her decorate her caravan all fancy and spacious envies me a lot while I have to almost crawl in my tent for the easiest actions (like getting a plate for food).
Did I tell you there is no internet there? and it's not a safe place to bring my laptop to, so there's NOTHING to do :/. Which is the reason I bought a smartphone, to stay connected to people and be able to do something meanwhile.

And because staying in the tent is hardly barable, I'm glad to have some free days in between so I can do my thing, go home and wash my clothes.
Since I'm allowed on the art academy, saving money isn't priority anymore. Meaning that some free days spend to kitesurfing myself is very appreciated. This is my summer and I make it the way I want it to be. No work? No problem, I'll just enjoy my day at the beach!
And so I have been kitesurfing the past two weekends, developping my skills and MAN-o-man. I love it soo, sooooo much!
The past weekend I could ride so well that I started trying to jump ! It was so intense that I couldnt use my belly anymore because it gotten too tired and everytime I tried to jump, I just couldnt tense my belly haha. It was probably sad to see :P
and afterwards I got a big musclepain that lasted for three days! But so worth it, I'm smiling for days!
It's an addiction, kitesurfing, and now my musclepain is gone I'm heading to go again tomorrow morning before meeting up my dear friend!

I got my grades from school and I finished everything, and at work it's not so busy yet, so I'm free at most of the times. I can enjoy the kitesurfing at these days now..

..and when summer comes and the weather will become warm, I'll probably get busy working at beware beach, life will get more stable there and I will get the hang of living in a tent together with my boyfriend. ;)
Or so, I hope!

Amsterdam unrevealed

"Lolll what they doing here?"

"Yes, I am too curious"

I wonder if she said yes....

I love.

I didnt buy this sweater ):

These are photo's from our day in Amsterdam that was forever hidden on my old mobile phone and got found in my new smartphone by some reason.
Funny to look back, what to see in the wall of Van Gogh was his paintings made into 3D, it was pretty special and addicting to look at, bringing 3d into it gives it so much dimension(DUH.) But gives it such a better feel!
I wonder, will the world go to 3D paintings one day? in the same appearance as in that wall?

More from the day in Amsterdam is to be found here

woensdag 29 mei 2013

World domination step one

Omgasz, this message is written on my phone, I has smartphone now
Watch out world, I will rule you. HAWHAWHAW

but seriously, I love this thing <3

donderdag 23 mei 2013

The one.


But really xbox?
Shame on you.. Ps4 ftw (:

Perfect peach skin

Yeshh I can wear a braid again :D

I've had a good weekend, worked at saturday, cooked a healthy dinner at the camping, been skating around the camping and kitesurfed at sunday. And I took some photos!

Ouddorp has huuuge skies!

Skating next to the beaches, right next to the camping! :D

I've finished all of my school work and am now to join school to get my "hours of presence".
It's so odd to have so much free time of the sudden, yet, soooo lovely :D
I'm free as a bird <3
For two days in the week I go to beware beach to help out there and rest of the time I sit at school study back-end developping. It's easy and I feel the stress slipping off my head, turning into dizzyness due the pressures I set myself into before, but I can handle it now. I have time for it! haha

I've been free today and there was wind, so I took my car and left to the beach to kitesurf, ultimate freedom! I love having my car, I can do whatever I want <3

At may 20th, I had my two-year anniversary with my boyfriend and we spend the whole day together sleeping out, being lazy and watching GOT and left to Scheveningen, our beach, to eat at our restaurant where it all started two years ago and went to the cinema to see Oblivion. Awesome movie, recommendable!

Me and BF in our restaurant
Two best ice-cappuchino's ever! With choco toppings ^_^
Duck breast in red cury with fruits <3 My fave

Meat in curry
Present for my boyfriend... :)

The day was lovely, I finished it with giving him a bracelet that suits him perfectly. I love it so much on him, I'll upload a photo soon :D
Though our anniversary isn't about the gifts, I received earlier a micro SD to "Save our memories". He said "This is the smallest gift I ever gave you.."  and I thought for a little while opening the giftpaper and guessed as I took it out: Micro SD :D. Exactly what I needed for using my new go pro ^^ I can start recording memories now, hawhaw.

My boyfriend has a talent for timing. Always there when I need somebody, always got the right thing while I didn't ask.
It's special, like he reads my mind..

BF & I, right before kitesurfing :D

woensdag 22 mei 2013

A summer mini monkey

I found out today that a friend of ours is expecting a son this august :D

I'm so happy for him and her!
The baby boy is blessed to have such adventurous parents like them, I think he will see a lot of the world.

Tomas is a friend of my bf that worked in NL for a couple of years to build himself a house in Czech republic. He moved there now and I'm following his updates in Facebook about the trip he's making through mountains and country... but appearantly I missed his announcement in february (see the pics above) about the good news.
I hope they will have a safe and good pregnancy and that their son will born healthy, I wish them allllll the luck! :D

Tomas is also a passionate photographer, with a great feel to composition and art.
He's blogging his photo's and stories on his blog here. 

zaterdag 18 mei 2013

This is my YEAR

I'm accepted to the art academy in the Netherlands!! :D

I had done a addmission project for entering. The project was about creating an interactive and educative application for a museum. While at first I thought of standart ideas like an app that guides you through the museum I kept brainstorming and investigating and thought of three good ideas.

The idea I choose was an app in the new system: Google glass. For it I investigated a lot about Google glass and got myself excited for it. I actually can't wait untill Google glass! But it will come and I might be able to experiment with it while in my study ^-^.

So about the idea. It would also guide you through the museum. But with every artpiece at the museum you could call up extra information. The options will show in your google glass in augument reality and will show infront of you.

You can call up the options through google glass

Swipe your way through the information you're looking for

Zoom in to the object behind glass to see details

See the way it's build up

With this project I had to present my portfolio. And because they demanded as much varying work as possible I came up with the idea to make my whole college carreer in 1 book. Work from <2008 to 2013. It was such a work to put all my works together in a big timeline, but so much fun as well to look back into the time and see how I've developped.
In 2006-2010 I was all into manga and writing my own stories and then I started my animation specialization I'm floating in styles but go very digital and then in 2011-13 I start to enter interactive products in flash and eventually making websites.
Here are some photo's of the book

Front-word with my drawings of 2006

Introducing myself

My entrance project of college (left) Some school projects (right)

Life, enJoy project (left) me graduating and introducing year 2013 (right)

Camuse graduation project close-up with description

Oops I took the photo's too yellow, but just a quick post!

And with these projects, I passed the admission. I'm so happy!!

2013 is really my year....
I had my drive licence at december 31th
I got a job as kitesurf instructor for the summer
I passed all my exams at once
I turned 21
and now I'm also admitted to the best art academy in the Netherlands.


I didn't think I would, really. I had already plans on going to cape town, south africa, in october to get a webdesigners job and kitesurf. But now I'm given this chance to investigate more and more about interaction design. It's such a huge subject, I can't wait to enter, really.
I can't wait to meet my classmates, I really hope this time to find passionate people like myself  in that school. And since it's a hard selection to get through, I'm pretty sure I will... But so I thought about the addendumyear at school as wel.. So we'll see.

But now I'll have to go to Beware beach again, Staying there for 2, maybe 4 days and then I'll update you about it! Unfortunately it's not possible to get internet over there, so it's extremely lonely when I'm still up at night.. But since I admitted to the art academy, I am allowing myself to buy a smartphone with internet. It'll be easier to stay in touch with everyone :D

Well, Take care and seeyou's!

vrijdag 3 mei 2013

Sunshine after the rain

Sunburnt face

I have only been two days at the beach to sunburnt my face and chest while using a sunprotector and got musclepains all over my leggs and FEET. Wahh~
This is just the start of the season, it'll happen a lot more often once summer's here!
    .. Looking forward, hehe ^^;

So today I've been free from allllll the work and so much has happened these weeks that I don't know where to start. But I'll just start from my previous post.

I had a deadline week to finish school assignments and the exhibition project and got as far as I could but haven't finished it yet.
The exhibition wasen't planned untill the day before building it up. I had asked the help of my bf (who works at Camuse) to think of the material to use on the exhibition and he built me a tripod to put a mac on while I was busy making some business cards and busy searching for a service to get them pressed within 24 hours. It was some stressing but we both made it and thought of an idea to bring transparancy into our exhibition as well (Since transparancy is being used in the website as well). He'd fix a light and I would fix the textile. We're such a good team when it comes to that, he listenes to my ideas and gets exactly what I need.

I build it up the way I had it in mind and it became exactly what I hoped it to be, even for a last-minute idea.
The next day we had to be there from 14:00 till 21:30. So I could rest enough and then be present all day and it sounds long, but it's so busy that day that it flies!
I received my whole family and friend and got drinks as presents from my mom and sis, we had a good time and cheered for the good news I have passed my exams and in the evening I received the family of my boyfriend. Everyone was very sweet to come and see my "unfinished" project. I'm still excited to finish it because the system behind it is so awesome, it just needs time !

The next day I didn't receive anyone anymore, yet time flew and I couldnt see any other exhibition project anymore, such a shame really because I was so curious and wanted to spend my business cards to people I perhaps could co-op with in the future. But I wasent too serious at this exhibition. It will come when time's right to get in touch with people.. The next day it was my birthday and we break off everything of the exhibition. My class sung me happy birthday and then we had the rest of the day off.. I went home and was so exhausted of the week I just slept like a rock <3

My family and me cheering on the exhibition

My boyfriend, me and his family infront of my exhibition

In the weekend after the exhibition I had training at beware beach in becoming a beachsport instructor and my birthday's. I turned 21 on april 26th and celebrated it a little bit with friends on the night of the 27th aswell as the goodbye party of my friend Corina who left to spain to work for 2 months, haa dat lucky girl!!
We went to antwerp, belgium, and visited the club highstreet. It was fun, but not so special. We got free entrance because it was my birthday and was gifted a bucket of martini! Unfortunately I was bobbing that night so I couldn't drink.

Is bobbing even an international word? We are a Bob if we dont drink at nights of going out to drive safely.

Anyway! I think my friends enjoyed the drinks and we had a good night out.

Birthday gift: Martini, 4 wineglasses and a bag of chips, hellyea!

I got dem muscles!

The girls

At sunday I celebrated my birthday for other friends and family and made them a quark pie and salmon-chive snacks, my favorites :D
I received money and stuff I can use for the camping at the beach and got a go pro hero 3 from my boyfriend. All I need is a micro-SD card for it and I can start shooting awesome video's while kitesurfing and all the other beachsport activities this summer too!

omnomnom strawberry quarkpiee!

Great salmon-chive rolls

In the past two days I continued my training as beachinstructor at Beware beach.
For training we must pass a form of activities given at the beach, we must witness and perform these activites with the activity-plan at hand. The main activities are to be given three times, and other actvities 2 or less.
By now I have done the three main activities 2 times, meaning to do all of them just one more time individually to start working and giving these activities for real! The first 2 times were very instructive and I'm a little bit nervous to give these activities all by myself, but I'm ready for it, and I hope to finish them this weekend so I can start working.

Tomorrow I'm going to the beach and stay there for 6 days!
I have gone shopping with my mom today and bought a tent and sleeping stuff to make my living there. I will decorate it with christmass light and I'm looking forward to build it up as my little home ^^
I bought a tent for 3 persons because I want to feel at home since I'll be working there full-time and the caravan idea has been cancelled.
It's rather ridiculous It's nearly more expensive to buy a comfortable tent and all its equipment (I have spend over 500 euros!!!) than a secondhand caravan which already owns the equipment (Which I had 4 deals open with varying from 300-600 euros). But that's OK, I'm sure happy with my tent and I'm really exited to bring it on the field tomorrow!

Having fun at my kitebuggy training

My awesome new home for this summer!

Written a way-to-big post!
After building up my new home I'll check out if i have internet somewhere so I can use my tablet and keep writing my blog, It'll be lonely to be cut-out from the internet for a whole season!
If I do have internet I'll try to capture my new beach life as much as possible in the tag #mylifeatbewarebeach.

Tonight I will watch Games of Thrones, which I started two weeks ago. I love the serie and am already halfway at season 2.
It's still running so I'll have to wait once I'm at season 3, but that's ok I'll have something to look forward to.

To be continued ~!