woensdag 24 april 2013

Time to party!

I officially passed all my exams of the past 3 weeks!

WHoohooo!! It was such a hard time, but I made it :D

Today and tomorrow I got an exhibition about the Camuse website.
And then I will present it officially online !
Photo's underway (:

donderdag 18 april 2013

Shit grows bigger by rising flour.

Last message I said I am probably developping a cold.. And I did.. 1,5 week later I'm now having having sinus infections.
My head bounces and I would love to rip out my teeth to release the pressure on my jaws and cheeckbones..

I had been working hard the past weeks, I have finished my exams last week, finished my portfolio book and admission project (which I presented at the art university, will talk about that later), finished the kite instructor kick-off and I'm close to finish this period's school assignments... Tomorrow is the last day before closing this period and next week exhibitions are up. I havent finished my exhibition project yet. I feel so terribly down about it, it could happen that I wont be able to present anything at the exhibition, especially now I got this sinus infection.
I should rest, but I must finish my work. ):  

Beside this I'm looking for a caravan to have a living place at beware beach before May.

Once over, I'll relax my ass bigtime and be a fucking hippie by the beach.

maandag 8 april 2013

Once you go black, you never go back!

I've had a great weekend!

It was the first weekend spend at my new job Beware Beach and met the team of 2013. It was surprising how openly people were to each other. Everyone involved each other to the activities and invited you to conversations. It was so much fun and already learned so much!

First day we kicked off splitting up in teams and I joined team black. We started kitebuggying and beachsailing and heck, it was easier than I expected!
There were people that haden't kite before and I was the only one who haden't sailed before. So we could share tips and think of how to do a clinic. It was so much fun and learned how to do both right away. But I still need some practise, I can't wait to do it again!

The next day we had a teambuilding competition where our team had to do various clinics on the beach varying from sanjokiting, sandsculpting, beachvolleyball and building a wagon. They all involved competitions and the no. 1 of the day would win a price. We weren't so working on it, but right before volleyball I noticed we were on head with another team. So then I gave all my best to win the volleyball match (the only sport I hate :/) and won!

We won a delicious cake which we shared with everyone :D Big happy ending to a first great weekend!

Next weekend we're off again, we will then start clinics to measure the teaching skills... and KITESURFING! Can't wait..!
But just one more week of exams, and one more week of working on my submission project and on both, I'm far way behind. I will work my days off on adreline, life's crazy.

AND I'm developing an heavy cold which I caught when spending the night saturday to sunday in a tent outside with -3 degree in a summer sleeping bag. I just slept about 3 hours close against my boyfriend wearing all my clothes.. It was a night of surviving, and we did! I'm just sick now ): Can't rest, just 3 more important weeks and then I can chill my ass off bigtime~!


dinsdag 2 april 2013

Use the force!

Holy Sh** it works!

I just mimiced this one and then my mom came by called me lazy and handed me the remote!


Todays exam was tiring.

kk, that's all, goodnight.