zondag 31 maart 2013

I'm tired of the cold!

Thumbs up for Baronie mint chocolate sticks!

I loooove these minty chocolates! They are so addictive :D
They give a fresh breath also hahaha.

Another addiction grew this week..... Fruity drink breakfast by Hero!!!
Will post a photo next week.
They are bottles of .75L full of fruits and cereals giving energy and making you full. It's a must for my exams where we are not allowed to eat but only drink from bottles for 4 hours long but I need food every 2 hours or I'll pass out! So my teacher suggested me to buy those and HECK they are so good in taste I just LOVE it!

So I'm buying one for everyday and I'm not sure but it could be even healthier than what I took to school before and I do get so much energy from it! Everyday after the exams I was just bouncing like a ball, perhaps it was the adreline also from the exams. They were tough, really tough! That tough that I think I may not even qualify for the university. :/
They expected to do so much in just 4 hours that I couldn't even think clear but just make it straight away else you would lose time to write it down. So I think I'll fail some exams for that I didn't know what I was doing and was just writing stuff to get it done but.. we'll see.

Last thursday, the day after the exams, I was passed out and stayed at home try to work but I didnt do much eventually and now is the first day I feel all fit again to do something.
So I'll be starting to work and prepare my exam projects for next week and work on a portfolio for the admission day at the uni.

The admission project I have in mind is an interactive and educative product for use in musea. I can't spoil much but it's really relevant in this year and I'm excited to work it out! I'm actually going to the museum tomorrow and shoot some photo's that I'll need.

With just about 5 degree outside, ice on the water, still so cold, can you believe people are starting sporting in the sea?
Me neither, but next weekend I'll have to join them in my kite instructor classes! :S
Let's do a little prayer for some sun and warmth~! 

Enjoy your easter days! xo

maandag 25 maart 2013

Rollercoaster ride

There's just one month left for the exhibition and I'm still way behind schedule.
Nontheless I've had a great weekend!

Saturday we went to Hilversum (the dutch's hollywood) to visit the best art university: HKU.
My first impression wasen't so special. The building looked ugly and inside it was pretty cold, the presentations were too general and I couldnt really identify myself with the goal of the school.
We went to the "practical information" and I asked my ass off that the tutor took me apart and introduced me to a student programming.
This student told me about what he did there and could answer all my questions! As we talked, more students of the school joined us and added more info. I was feeling so at home and I actually, for real, wanted to stay there!
The way people interract with each other and help each other is so fantastic, and the study system is exactly what I was looking for for weeks!

An interactive project by a 2nd grade student

So I applied yesterday and received my admission project today!
It made me realize I'm stepping into a crazy time right now and the coming three weeks are becoming crazy!

The night of saturday I met up my friends again and had such a fun night out at the club!
It been about half a year since I last joined them so I enjoyed every bit of it ^_^.

Silly crazy and fun times with friends! I love them (:

Notice how my hair has become lighter? My hairstylist highlighted my hair with awesome results! Now you can't see my dark blonde hair growing underneath, for the coming summer I will highlight my hair one more time so I'm turning back to blonde and become a real beachbabe! (lol not!)

So tomorrow my exams are starting!!
For three weeks I'll be having 2/3 days with 4 hours of exams (without break! omha.) I'm pretty nervous for it. But I'll be fine!
It's just that I'm stepping into so many things at the same time it's crazy! These weeks will be killing: 3 weeks of exam, 3 weeks for my admission project, 2 weekends of kitesurf instructor training starting next weekend and exhibition in 4 weeks!

So much for living! I'll now draw out a priority list, so my mind can be at peace (:

Goodnight !

Ooooooo myyyy gooosh!

Clannad is my former favorite anime. I loved the realness of this anime and taught me many lessons. I now found out that it's locations really exist! Check this out ! :D

Added on my to-do list: Visit all the locations of Clannad :P

zondag 24 maart 2013

There's something special about my boyfriend

Sushi dinner with baby 10 03 '13

Eating the best sweet bun !

My boyfriend always sits next to me with dinner, even when it's just the two of us, and I love it.
He say's why he likes to sit next to me is to be closer with me, to be really together, to be able to talk silently and to cuddle between the eating..

I love going out with him, he really makes me happy.

woensdag 20 maart 2013

A day in Amsterdam

In amsterdam we visited the highschool (university) HVA to find a bachelor study for after this year.
We found out a lot and met a nice girl, but I know it's not my thing to be there.

So the rest of the afternoon we spent visiting the city, done some shopping and had a great time eating!

Amsterdam: A bar that rides on a busy road with people biking on it to get it forward while drinking beer.

The huge bike parking area infront of central station.

Everywhere, EVERYWHERE in Amsterdam.

Because Hello Kitty is too mainstream.

A cute shop to remember!!

Affordable awesome dresses in Tutti Frutti van Basten

It was a hard time picking cake.

Awesome hot choco!

American Cheesecake omnom!

White chocolate champagne cake! OMG, it was the best! <3

Shopping sweater, posing in the dressingroom :P

We had such a good time! Amsterdam is a great shopping place! Can't wait to go again ^_^.

zondag 17 maart 2013

Do what you love to do.

When obstacles block your path and life doesn't seem to live,

I fall back to this video

and climb over obstacles to explore life.

(Pleaaaaaase watch fullscreen, full attentioned and in HD <3)

This motivates me so much to go out and explore the world!
There's still so much beauty out there to be found and experienced in life.

Life is about creating yourself.

"Dear Richelle,

With this email we want to let you know that you've got selected, congratulations!
You're on the beginning of your dreamjob....."


So this email was about hearing response on my interview for becoming a kitesurf instructor
and I GOT IT! 
omygosh! So happy! :D

This means that my summer will be spend on Beware Beach, kitesurf school! :D

My training will start in april and I will start working in may.
I can't wait, but it's gonna be tough with school beside it. I have accomplished a dream and learned my lesson.

It doesn't matter if I haven't got the experience or the skills, but if I really want it and feel that I can make a chance or I could mean an add to the team?

I go for it, I'll show myself and I WILL make it!

I don't let anyone bring me down, I know what I'm made of & I know what I want.

vrijdag 15 maart 2013

I wonder if this is legal.

I like, like, like! I'd so do this on my car! Just wait!

Still awaiting my email T_T

donderdag 14 maart 2013

Go home you're drunk

Whoooooo, the weather is so messed up!  This morning snow fell down the skies like this and then suddenly we got blue skies and sunny times, o wait no, there's snow again. I saw awesome views of skies and clouds, unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me to capture those..
At those moments I wish I had painter skills like Bob Ross, so I would just visualize them for you (:

I'm awaiting important news for summer, I'm so nervous and excited, checking my email like crazy!
Please stand by.

My exam project's on the other hand is a pain in the ass -.- Gotto figure out AJAX to get what I need, interesting but stressful as time's running out!

I wonder how things are in Vancouver right now.. (:

zondag 10 maart 2013

From today on, things will become different.

Yesterday was my last day of work and me and my friend had decorated a cake to say goodbye to all our colleguas. It was a good day and the cake was seriously great! I still have some left-overs, yummy ^_^

This week the weather was around 15 degrees celsius and today it went to around 1 degree so it's too cold to be out today and I'm staying at my boyfriends place to work, work, work!

Have a good weekend!

vrijdag 8 maart 2013

Let the game begin

First week was tough! I cannot lift my arms much anymore haha

But I must admit I never went to bed early, it's hard to make an early eve when you come home every day at 6-7 :/.

I started to work out this week with my friend at the gym. I usually go out dancing with my sister and my mom at wednesday, since my friend joined us too, we decided to join spinning as well. Man-o-man! I thought I had some condition, but I got so killed there! My body was even trembling for an hour afterwards x_x.
Maybe thats why I cannot lift my arms so much anymore haha.

Anyway, I did some shopping and received some cute items! I got them from Nelly.com, I really like the cute clothing for a cheap price ^_^.
Posted them down on my pinterest

but here are some peeks:

And I expected to receive my sisters photobook this weekend, but they delayed till next week.
But you can take an exclusive sneek-a-peek right here! ;) 

I finished a design of my exam project and if all is right, I can finally start bombing out a website!
But first I need a rest...

Tomorrows my last day of work and we have a little surprise ^_^. It'll be strange to quit going there after having worked there for 5 years.... But it's time to move on and head to adventures!!

Cheers to the weekend!

zondag 3 maart 2013

Gone with the holidays

A monday had never been so scary in my life.

Tomorrow my holiday ends and I'll start fulltime schoolgoing and I mean, 40 hours~!

I'm really looking against it. I am already behind my exam project big time and now we will have another 20 hours on our usual schedule..

So I quit my job last saturday and next saturday is gonna be my last day there. So no other income than homework! I will set my all and everything on school or I might not make it. ):