donderdag 28 februari 2013

Deadlines that I (dont) make.

Working in the library today
I like to be in the library, it's full of people that study and work hard and the internet is limited, so I dont get much distraction but motivation to continue my work. And so I did!
 And I got far,
But I never make my own deadlines.. Why oh why!?

It feels I don't know my capabilities and skills well enough? Or maybe I don't put enough pressure on my own work? Maybe I am too much of a perfectionist and I'm working on details too much?
It's really unreliable of me, I should change it. It makes me tired because I'm working 12/7 and it makes everyone around me tired waiting for results that I promised them.

I wish I could set the real deadline double the time I put my own deadline for and that first deadline would feel like the real deadline, something like that would be great, but I know the real deadline is later :/

Bless my boyfriend for his personality. We're working on my sisters photobook, we have to finish it tonight. He's working calmly doing what he's said to do while I'm raging inside. He really is, my better half <3

maandag 25 februari 2013

I love my job..!

Look what I received!

Hard work pays off and this is what I've got in return, stickers with my designed logo on it ! ^_^
To be used in real production of Camuse and be seen by public in the TV and movie industry :D
So this week I can enjoy my somewhat deserved holiday and hope to make a big step forward in my exam project. Today at 4.30 I'll have a meeting with Camuse again and we will talk about the last steps on how to work their website out. We have to make good agreements so we know what to expect from each other. With this I mean costs.
It's so hard for me to "sell" my profession, especially when it's designed for school!
But I have to sort out what's necessery for school and what's extra for this website, that's what I should count money for as for that's double work for me to finish for him.

So I'll be working on that for today and this week.

But it's an extremely exiting project, I can't wait to work it out!

It's really fun to try and find out new things, I love to work something out thats in my head and it eventually works!! 
I mean, have a look at my earlier finished project: Huisman Advies & Organisatie (dutch). When I started this project, I didn't know anything about wordpress, except that you could start making blogs out of it, but now I created a whole website from scratch (so an own made wireframe and psd-design) to a working wordpress template! It took me a while but I learned so much from it! The next step I will do for them is to write them a wordpress plug-in for usage in his new website. I'll be another experience richer :D

Love to learn and grow!

Have a nice day ^^

vrijdag 22 februari 2013

Gone when the wind blows

Many changes are happening, Im finally lifting my exam project from the ground to something that getting shape. I'm shaping up my own portfolio website Hello Richelle && I'm making plans for summer to become a kiting instructor!!
Meaning: staying from may to september at the seaside of the Netherlands, enjoy our summerbreeze while I can be in the sea within just a short time!
I've applied last tuesday and recieved an invitation to an interview for next weeks thursday today! I'm so excited, because something like this I haven't ever done before! But I would love to experience it!

So it's time to blow new life into my blog as you can see in the design already, since many changed have happened and we've learned a lot, it is just not the right time to set our sails to Canada just yet. Even though in our dreams everything is right there, the jobs, the mountains, the weather, infrastructure, politics and nature.

Our families remain here.

I wish to change my blogname in something cool, related to what I, we, are looking for and what we can head to.. Freedom? north? to the winds?

Anyone knows a cool blogname related to it?

Thinking ideas like: or which both reffer to leaving when the wind is blowing to kite or to go wherever, and come back to do my nerdy webdesign stuff might be too long to keep in mind for a blogname? Or maybe too confusing?

I need help!

dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Remember the game of the haunted house?

I have this strange habbit that I like to be scared sometimes, I like horror movies when they get me really scared. Even though at that certain point, I dont :P
I'm a very enthousiastic person on things that I do and because of that, I believe things easy, I'm easy going and easily impressed.
I like to replace myself in a situation and experience it. Thats why I like it when horror movies or games scare me, they make me feel in another situation for just that moment. I'm lucky enough though to wipe it off that same moment so it doesn't haunt me afterwards.

But never-ever have I been scared in a "haunted house". This attraction that is suposed to get you scared while you follow a path. I'm just to sober to really feel the situation, so I never enter one anymore.
My boyfriend came to me showing this article about the "Nightmare Fear factory". A haunted house which is famous for it's "chicken outs". In this house you'll have to follow a red light and the most scariest things happen around you, pulling your nerves to continue or to "chicken out". When you say "nightmare" a shade will lead you out of the house unharmed, otherwise, you must continue on!
Meanwhile the walk, photos are being taken and you can watch and buy them back afterwards, leading to funny results.

Some photo's that made me laugh

I really wonder what they see but I'd like to visit it! This may be a haunted house that'll really crack my cool haa!!
It's to be found at the Niagara falls in Canada :D

Here's the trailer...

And a good review about it

So who's got nerves of steel and is gonna join me?

We're now off to watch a horror movie, muhahaha!


vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Forever friends

Realizing dem dreams step by step!

I was gifted this cute card by my boyfriend for valentine! He drew it all himself, he's pretty artistic though he doesn't that believe himself :P.

I didn't expect him to make something for me because we both haden't said anything and he was so busy with work, so it surprised me extremely!
He know I misses kiting so much, and he just illustrated my favorite type of kite, the North Evo (2011). Haha, I love him ^^

dinsdag 12 februari 2013

That's what I said

He's extremely stubborn, I don't like stubborn people, they go their own way and barely want to listen to some other way
I'm a stubborn person, that's why I don't like myself sometimes either.

zondag 10 februari 2013

A very special story

Back to now

The snow is dissapearing and so is my motivation.. I sometimes find myself struggling about what I want to do so much that I forget the moment of now;

Right now I'm sitting in the living room with my dog at 12 am wondering what to write on my blog. I'm a student webdesigner eagered to learn and integrate interaction into website and platforms, unknown of the idea to continue studying at the university or to find a job, to make a trip or to find a study abroad.. there I go to the future again.

Back to now;
I've got currently the next projects on priority:
1. Huisman
2. Camuse
3. Wedding photobook
4. School assignments

Also do I have a strong urge to go out into the sun and kite in deep blue seas. I still need a big kite and a small kite to possibly go kiting in the deep blue sea.

Trends I'm looking forward to are:

Featherlocks <3

Fringe bikini's <3

I can see myself kiting with these in the deep blue sea with the tropical isle on the background....

There I go to the future again.......

Let's finish Huisman before my check-list gets too big.

Goodnight !!

woensdag 6 februari 2013

maandag 4 februari 2013

Love makes blind?

As I was taking a break from work I took a sneek-a-peek to other canada related blogs of belgium people that moved over when I suddenly found a post about a family that is returning BACK from vancouver to belgium after 5 years of living there. Due to two reasons:

- The weather is like autumn from september to JULY. << This one scared me forreal..
- The house/lifeexpanse prices are way to high around vancouver.

The shock became bigger when I found related post confirming the same things! Is it really worth it to migrate life to a place where there is a lot or cold and rainy days during the year with only about 6 weeks of beautiful sunshine, to kite in?
Though mountains are close, the winterseasons should be great with that much snow falling down.. but..

Is this love of ours making us blind to what we really want?

Check out the next links..
House pricing:

zondag 3 februari 2013

I need you

It's possible to kite in BC canada!

So I just bought us a Fuel 7m 2010 by Slingshot, our first C-shape kite!
Though we both dont have experience with C-shaped kiting (These are the kind of hardcore kites that have stronger pull and less depower used by pro's to jump high and make kiteloops) I think it's a kite we have to have in our collection. As my boyfriend aims to go kite wakestyle he'll need himself a C-kite to get used to it's features in this style.

I'm wandering off my thoughts every day to kiting on exotic locations and I can't wait to start kiting in May. But as we thought of Greece, Kos island, we found out it has only 30% of wind-chance above 15 knots ):

Where could we possibly go cheap, wind-secured and warm?