donderdag 16 augustus 2012

Behind the scenes

I'm home from my short "holiday" helping my boyfriend in filming projects for Vita-care and Adapt brand.

We started shooting a video on the set for Vita-care.
Vita-care found a lovely way to bring regular and fun physical activities back to handicapped people by the use of simulationtherapy by video.
For that day we shot a "salsa-dance activity". They would see a salsa dance in front of them and by the help of special simulation chairs and other furniture they would feel exact the same moves made there.
By stories I heard it helped a lot of people in many ways. Like it made a handicapped person sit up straight again, because his muscles and mind got stimulated by the moves the chair gave him. So that motivated them to continue on with many more videos and activities.
It's very interesting, so you can find out more about Vita-care on their website.

Adapt brand produces special stunt skates that "adapt" to your feet by the use of heatmolding the skate. It's a pretty interesting technique making a big difference (I felt it myself!!).

So we went abroad with the Adapt team and crew through the Netherlands for 3 days and filmed for a introduction and commercial on cinemasize. We had the Red Epic with us and pushed the limits on our small team..

It was great to experience the set behind the video's and for that I take you "behind the scenes" (:

Vita-care, Boyfriend holding the camera mounted in his 4m crane.

Shooting for Vita-care

Vita-care on location 2


And we're finished!

Smile (:

vrijdag 10 augustus 2012

I follow you

I'm almost through my working week and happy :D
Past weeks I could work over 25 hours each so I earned my monthsalaries in each week and cannot wait to see it coming in my account 8D Kachinnnggg

Also ! My boyfriend has arranged an place in Austria for this december, meaning I'm going to wintersport for the first time!! It's such an amazing thing to look forward on and I'm really excited (:
We're going to Berwang, in Tirol. It's a place where my boyfriend been for a couple of times on winter AND summer, so he already know people there and they will let us stay for one week to celebrate christmas there^^.

Can't wait!

Impression of Berwang

Skiroutes in Berwang

My snowboard and I

Now I REALLY can't wait for it to become december!
Another reason is because my sister is gonna get married on 12/12/12 and I'm responsible for the media of her wedding.
I'll take care of the invitations, designs, photography and video. I'll do this together with my boyfriend and I really want to take this serious, I want to give her the best. So she will never forget the "best day of her life". 
Weddings are so cute! If you romantic stories, I recommend you find wedding videos on youtube and Vimeo. Very inspirational and makes time fly full of love and fairytales.......
Thats all for now, tomorrow I'm going to help my sister looking for the perfect dress.

I wish you all a lovely weekend and talk to you soon again (:

Youknow what happens to carefull people?

While everythings going well, I have a hard time driving as my instructor is really strict on me.
Problem is, I'm a carefull person, doing things... carefully! But on the road it's dangerous, I understand. My instructor said "You shouldn't be so carefull. When you're carefull, people will bully you. At school they will bully you when you're carefull, but so will they on the road."
And he's true. It's the same in an indoorhall, I'm just too carefull to cross down fast with everyone around me "just in case" something happens, I'm fucked. But instead of that, people just use that oppertunity to cross fast past me. So I cant let that happen anymore ! It's best to become harder and clearer on what I want and what I'm gonna do so people don't need to question my actions.

My instructor is a wise and friendly man, I'm glad he's my driving instructor even though I can be very mad about when he keeeeeeeps correcting me. But that's what makes me the stubborn taurus.

Meanwhile waiting in a traffic jam caused by an open bridge...

vrijdag 3 augustus 2012

New addi(c)tion

I've survived the weeks of work and look forward to my salary of the month :D
To reward myself, I bought a everwanted tablet, the Asus Transformer TF300
Not just for fun, this one's an investment for my school and future career :P And I can't wait to use apps like Adobe Prototype (:

So while I'm still figuring out all kinds of stuff this is the first time I'm writing a blogpost on it, with the usefull keyboard it's not really a difference. I love taking photo's on the tablet and edit them with pixlr. It's actually looking like a real daily photobook with everything I'm doing everyday.

I love it, I'm addicted....

Had a (rock) party with friends last monday

Boyfriend cooked me delicious tuna pasta <3

We went out for dinner yesterday

Playing in a new boulderhall in the city, he's really good at climbing. Love to look at him ;)

Just keep on playing (: