dinsdag 24 juli 2012

I love Aloë vera.

I use all my products of Aloë vera, but I never used it in this pure form. I wonder where I can actually find a natural Aloë vera leaf from where I live, cause I'd want to try this out!

maandag 23 juli 2012

Bring it on!

I'm ready for a new week!

I just passed a working week of 38 hours and my body hurted every evening by the physical work I had to do. Friday I couldnt even sleep by my body that didn't stop shaking!
I also had drive classes at the evenings.. I guess it all was just too much.

But after a somewhat relaxing saturday I felt better.
So yesterday we went wakeboarding again after a year waiting! And I could still do it :D (after some failing on the startblock..)
Untill my body started to shake again. I stopped after doing a few rounds and rested in the sun.
It was a shame I was too tired, but was happy I could still do atleast something. We ended the day with some sushi at the sushibar in Rotterdam. I love it there!
I got sunburnt and wounded at my left leg as I couldn't lift myself up and a sharp edge scratched it open, owwwww... But it was worth it, haha

Today I started a new working week of again 38 hours with only one driveclass this time. But I'm sure by the end of this week I'm totally beaten.

.... And I will go wakeboarding again this sunday!
Will see how I'll manage that when time's coming.

I hope you all will have a great week, I'll update you next week, If..
...I'm still alive :P

Take caree

vrijdag 13 juli 2012

Magical sky

Manitoba, Canada

It's my wish to see an aurora light like this for real one time

The photo is found on Catherine's facebookpage where she shares these natural images with info and credits.

donderdag 12 juli 2012

What a great day!

Having a cupcake from yesterday

The sun is shining, the wind blows gently.. The weathers perfect!
Driving lessons went well today and on my way home I received the news that I could get my bike today, Whoohoo!

So this is it... My pretty new Koga Miyata

Isn't it adorable!? I love love love it!!

Also I have received the news that I'm officially in the new class of the coming year, yay!
My class is going to be D4ad3+4, pretty long huh! But I can keep that in mind. We're going to get introduced with the class at august 30th :D

AND next week I can work for 37 hours! That means I'm finally putting some money in the pocket. Time to balance my expenses... haha...

But yea, this feels like a great day to me :D

Tonight I will go out skating with my friend Corina and have a drink ^^


woensdag 11 juli 2012

maandag 9 juli 2012

Urgh my laziness!

haha seriously guys,

I've been too lazy these days that I didn't even take effort in writing a blog!

So what's new?

▪ I went to Rockwerchter festival and it was really awesome! VIEW THE ROCKWERCHTER POST NOW :D

▪ I got home from Rockwerchter and got depressed and lazy, I want to go back..

▪ I started a new game called C9, which is a free realtime action MMORPG to kill/waste time..

▪ I've visited a cs6 seminar at my school and got highlighted about the cs6 suite as the creative cloud! It got me pretty much excited so I will also write a post down below about this.

▪ I looked AND found a new bike! It's this Koya Miyata bike
I needed a new bike because my other bikes aren't able or safe to ride on. With the new bike I want to tour around and explore :D I'm getting it this week !

Also, since rockwerchter I caught a cold that caused me to stay in bed for a few days and still having painfull lungs. So I guess I should visit a doctor and check if everything is OK.

But for now, I will just finish these posts and head to sleep.


Rocking [at] Werchter

My very first long rock festival with an awesome line-up and awesome friends!

I've enjoyed my stay very much and met a lot of new people. Unfortunately my camera wasen't allowed to join me so I couldn't take any photo's which nearly make it seem for me that this whole holiday hasen't even happened..

Starts at the beginning...
My lovely sister wanted to bring us, me, Nath and Lies to Mechelen in Belgium where we could move on to Leuven by train and Werchter by bus. So we could avoid traffic jam and be here perfectly on time.
Only it didnt go as planned. In Mechelen we lost track and we couldn't find the trainstation and when we did find the trainstation and head on the train, I realized I left my wallet AND my mobile phone in my sisters car (repeating venice..). So when I stepped out on the next stop it took me an hour to get back in Mechelen and I couldnt reach my sister because I didn't have her phone number.
Yet she waited for me there and I resumed my trip (without Nath and Lies) and reached Rock werchter campings at around 3 pm (estimated time would be 1pm)

This was the tent I was staying in

That day it was 40° celsius and it was hard holding out in line on entering the festival terrain. A few people passed out and I also felt nauseous, which isnt strange as I was dizzy the day before. But we survived and received our Rock Werchter strap!
First thing I did was buying a Rockwerchter hat, fill it with water and refreshed my cooked head, ah, let the party begin!

highlights of day 1

Within Temptation



First morning; too tired to sit and eat..

I HAVE found the canadian flag and hung it in our camp.
On the first evening we met two canadians, I was overjoyed and scared them away with my Canada fanitism.
They wonderred if any of us were canadian and then wonderred if we took their flag! Because their flag got stolen. When we told them we hung the flag for our Justin Bieber mascot that hung in the middle of the partytent, we got looked at pretty weird.
Unfortunately by the end of day 2, also our flag got stolen.. So I'm without a canadian flag again ._.

Sleeping at the camping terrain was really easy, I put one plug in and slept without any disturbances. In the morning I didn't wake up by the noise or the light... I woke up by the heat.
Whenever the sun coverred the tent, it was unbearable to stay inside, so up till two times I dragged my bed outside and slept in the shadow..

Highlights of day 2

DJ Fresh

Pearl Jam


Day 3 highlights

Regina Spektor


Chase & status

On day 4, my shoulders were sunburnt from day 3, since I was wearing a backpack with me every day, I had to leave it that day. Instead my friend would carry my wallet with her.
As soon as we enterred the terrain and started dancing on dropkick murphys, that friend joined me in. After the song she turned around and found that her bag was stolen, with my wallet inside.
So after an hour of search I called my mom and blocked my bankpass just in case. Afterwards I got the plan to report this at the lost items.
As I got there, they had already found the bag with everything included... Even the money!
All that was out were just the consume coupons. What a happening..

Highlights of day 4

Dropkick murphys

Ed Sheeran

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Unfortunately I fell ill halfway RHCP's performance, so I head back to the camping right when this song started to play.
I knew there would be a firework ending, so I didnt sleep just yet and waited for the fireworks.
I heard from my friend that RHCP already ended and people were going back to their tents when suddenly...

I got out of my tent for this....

Afterwards, it was really hard to fall asleep, it was suddenly supercold that I needed 2 sweaters and my jogging pants in my sleeping bag to try and fall asleep. It was still cold..

The morning after we broke everything down and I could join one of my friends car to home.. The trip home took us 5 hours. But we enjoyed it all.

Rockwerchter, friends, you were awesome! Let's repeat this next year!