maandag 25 juni 2012

Looking for...


It started as a joke;

Friends and I are going to visit Rockwerchter thursday where we will stay for 4 days. We're building up a camp and need a flag for it, this, is my responcibility. Since I have a american flag laying around my room, since I am half american, I asked the lead if it was OK to use that. But the lead responded "Justin Bieber won't appreciate that" so I replied "I will get you a Canadian flag then" He was OK with that :P
So since I'm all up for Canada, I'll just get this for real cause I could use it afterwards, maybe..

About Rockwerchter..

It's a fourdays festival with great artists like
 - Within temptation
 - Justice
 - Skrillex
 - The kooks
 - Deadmau5
 - Mumfords and sons
 - Editors
 - Chase and status
 - Regina Spektor
 - Agnes Obel
 - Florence and the machine
 - Snow patrol
 - Red hot chili peppers
 - James Morrison
 - Millow
and more

 -> Lineup!
You can check it out, have any tips I should definitly see?
Especially on day 2, because I don't know many bands performing that day

It's gonna be my first festival so I'm really curious onto what's going to happen and how it could be like. Maybe it's a beginning of something new!

But for now I'll just let it come and look for my canadian flag~
Ohyea, I have an car theory exam in 2 hours, wish me luck okay? I really hope to get it in one try.
Take care and have a nice day!

donderdag 21 juni 2012


I've been starting doing workouts by Shantea Mac.
Not to lose weight or anything but just to shape up my body.

Random update:
My laptop is tripping and so half of my programs don't work anymore. When I'm really tired of it I will reformat the laptop but so untill then I have no games to play anymore. Damn you, hours spending time on making a big family trees on sims 2 -.-.
So I decided to find fun in other things.

Therefor, getting back in shape!

Here are some of the excersize videos by Shantea Mac:

I have only did this excersize yet, it's simple, easy to follow for any level and noticable the day after!

I haven't seen this one yet, but I want to try this soon.

Now comes the more fun stuff. When dancing you are kind of excersizing as well, this combines excersizing with practising your moves on the dancefloor, 2 hits at once?

As well as bellydancing, to shape your belly and practising moves on the dancefloor.

Now this isnt that Canada related, but I'd just share what I'm doing these days.

So what do you think of these excersizes? Drop me a line down below

Have a nice day and talk to you later!

donderdag 14 juni 2012

Roadtrip Canada - Getting a car

Because my plan has stretched one more year by my new study, I will miss the oppertunity of going to Canada.

So suddenly as I go home from driveclasses (which is going great btw! :D) I was dreaming of a roadtrip through Canada! Like a preview before moving there.
If I get my licence before summerbreak ends, I might get the old car from my mom in august. I'll be free to stand and go wherever my heart desires, if it isnt across seas!

I went surfing the net to find info on and about Canada. How different are driving cars abroad north america and how long are you permitted to drive around before you're forced to get a Canadian licence...

This is what I've found;

- For renting a car in Canada you're required to get an 'international drivelicence' before going to Canada if you want to drive a car for a stay less than a year
(If it's just three months and you're from the Netherlands, you may use your current licence)

- For a stay longer than a year, it is suggested you get a canadian licence you can get at each province.
Visit CiC official website (Canadian immigration)

- Unlike europe, North America has wide open roads with 4 to 6 lanes on the highway considered 'normal'. Therefor bigger cars drive in Northern America and Canada to cross long distances on wide roads while compact models of europe are made for crossing small roads and turns.

- American cars are usually build way tougher, but are lower on quality and design as european tend to put effort in that. Therefor it is said you get more service of an european car as they are lasting longer.

- You can import a car to Canada, hire a car or buy it secondhand.
The best choice to do depends of your stay, of how much it means to you and on how much you want to spend on it.
Sometimes getting a car gets you over 1000,- dollar costs, I read a story how it was cheaper to buy a secondhand car for 800 dollar and lateron sell it quickly for about 200 dollar (which gave you another 200 benefit)


- You need the right papers when driving as Canadian laws are very strict. If missing an insurance paper, you can risk a fee of 5000,- dollar.
  You need a legit driving licence, emission test, a safety certification, a legit vehicle ownership paper, an legit insurance paper, and in some states a validation sticker.

For more info bout driving behaviours you can visit the next
Rijgedrag in Amerika  (Dutch)
Rijden in Canada (Dutch)

Hiring a car beforehand can be done here

I hope I saved up enough info for now, if I'm missing out something important, you're welcome to comment down below.

So, are you dreaming of a roadtrip through Canada?

woensdag 13 juni 2012


I've officially graduated! :D

Yesterday I received my first professional diplom of "Multimediadesign - animations"

It was a nice evening with a lot of happy people, it really paid off the hard work we all put into the final projects and now we can really shut that chapter and move to the next!

The addendum year Interactive course is up next where I'll get my second diplom after just one year. It's gonna be tough but it's the next step on getting closer to Canada!

The girls and me


The whole graduation class :D


But I will really, really miss my class ):

dinsdag 5 juni 2012

Oh it's my life

My wetsuit hanging in my room
It's my new life and I love it.. It's full of activity and it makes me a better person!

I love being sportive and having fun at the same time. Snowboarding, kitesurfing, skating, etc. makes me so happy!

On the other side, it is so expensive! That board is my boyfriends, I'm currently saving for my own. That will take about 1000,- euros..
My boyfriend want to go on a kitesurf holiday this summer and going on a wintersport holiday this winter. But all together, I can't finance this x_X
Leaving out the fact that I want to move out to Canada one day as well!
I'm lucky I have one extra year at school studying so it gives me some more space to save money as I need at least 5000,- for canada (excl. flight ticket!)

But my job isn't really giving me the oppertunity to save, so meanwhile studying it is important for me to get another job so I can balance my expenses I do for living my new life./workingmode ON!

But shit is worth it!
I'm lucky I live in a rich country where this all is possible. It's good to realize that, I'm really lucky.

zondag 3 juni 2012

Because a lazy day is okay

I know I haven't wrote in a hellalong time
But today I have a lazy day-yay!

These days I'm quite busy taking drivelessons and studying cartheory to get my licence before school starts again. I haven't heard anything from my applications yet so I'll have to get after them as well as looking for anything else.
I've visited friends, gone shopping and sporting, as well as visiting the beach with my boyfriend.
He bought his own kiteset so whenever there's wind we're off to find the best spots.

We gone to Zeeland, Netherlands last weekend to visit his friend and been kiting all evening. We really had a good time and spend the night at the camping where his friend was staying. It felt like we were all off on holiday while it was just one night... Ultimate freedom... To just go where the wind is and to just have fun all the time. :D


I can fly!

Kiting with my boyfriend

Having drinks with my friend, Cheerz!

And some yummy waffle ^-^

I'll soon do a canadapost again to keep this blog honor to its name.
I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and talk to you soon ~

Meanwhile shopping...