woensdag 30 mei 2012

Venezia, not Venice

City trip with sis and mom in Venezia!! :D


Music everywhere

Such as the icecream <3

So, THIS is where the boats are coming from!!

The real original masks from Venezia, each a piece of art.
Deep sea baby

Second of three islands we visited

Burano, third and last island we visited

My first experience exploring another country..
Though it was only one city, it was still awesome :D

We experienced an earthquake the first night which I didn't notice much more than "We're in Venezia, we're surrounded by sea, of course the house is moving" and slept on. But found out the news the next day. Because we only felt the aftershocks from far away, nothing really happened in Venezia itself. So we could explore safely.

We've visited old churches, streets and musea.. A lot of restaurants and the islands Murano, Burano and Torcello. I wanted to get away from the tourists passage so we could see the real Venezia. When we got lost it was the perfect oppertunity to find out. What we saw was the regular working life on boats, you really wouldn't miss a car here. Everything is easy to reach on foot or boat so we didn't notice the absence of a car those four days.

We kind of noticed the local people of Venezia aren't that friendly towards each other, in the city gondolars didn't greet each other, I could understand if concurrency only but outside of the city this was the same story. They didn't smile much and ignore anyones absence. When my sister asked the vendour of a maskshop if he himself made all the masks he irritatedly sarcasticly answerred "No I just pretend I do." as he was painting a mask. Also did we get sent away from restaurants often when we just wanted to drink instead of having a meal. So all- by- all, quite strange.

However, it didn't take away the fun of getting lost in the thight streets, experience another, old, world and culture, eating real italian pasta, icecream and pizza and enjoying the great weather...

Now I'm just hungry for more sightseeing in this beautiful world.. It has so much to offer!

I can't wait till the next trip!

vrijdag 18 mei 2012

Venice, here I come!

Tomorrow, I departure to Venice!

Together with my mother and sister as a girls-weekend out!
It's a present for my mothers 50th birthday ^-^ She's finally taking the step to enter an airplane for us, ain't she brave!
I'm really excited for it ;D

Only then probably with way more people and worse weather as the forecast doesn't look that well, but I don't care, I'M GOING TO ITALY! :D

Have you ever been to Venice or Italy?
Tell me, is the pasta really that good?  Let me know, 'cause I'm prepared to eat a LOT of it! haha

Ciao a tutti!
See you next week

woensdag 16 mei 2012

Because the rest doesn't matter

So I had my first driving lessons today and it was fun :D Not that scary at all as I feared in first place.
I learned to steer and gass in combination and made a round through the city without killing someone ^_^.
I'm actually excited for the following lessons next week, after my trip to venice :D

Rest of the day went tiresome and bad so I'll just leave you with this awesome AMV that's stuck in my head for days and makes my heart beat faster (I know, this is craaaazy!)
Avatar: The last airbender was really a good serie :D Recommend it to everyone that love action, good storylines, fantasy that's not so fantasylike, humor, the innocence of a child :3 and BATTLES VERSUS GOOD AND EVIL!


maandag 14 mei 2012


And I'm currently writing in my garden.

Because I do want a tan but still need my laptop with me

So this weekend...

I've gone KITESURFING!!!

Man... It was SO awesome!
I went on friday and saturday from 10 am till 5 pm on a beach 2 hours from my place :D It was exhausting but totally worth it!

I'm currently working on a video of it

There were two full days of 6 hours where we learned to kite on land and in water and eventually using a board, I didn't master it completely yet! But this is definitly something to put my time in to master.

Even though I just flew away on the land kite as there was too much wind (7 bft), the second day was reaally calm, 4 bft, I could just lift the kite, so it been a great practice in both days! :D

Yesterday my boyfriend purchased his own kite as he dreamed of that for the past 10 years so we can start this on our own pace.

Kiting :D

Me hiding under boyfriends kite :3

Tomorrow is another windy day so we're going to practise kiting on a field some more together ^^

Also am I going to start driving lessons in two days! I'm pretty nervous for it :/ I hope it's not so scary.

Today I did some baking for my mother because I was gone yesterday on mothersday, I hope she cheers up ^^

So guys, How was your weekend? Did you get any presents for your mother?

woensdag 9 mei 2012

I love dead people?

This is such a funny picture!
I just keep laughing at it, seriously, who comes up with the names?!

I nearly slept any position with my boyfriend. Except for the catblock, sloppy drunks and the abandonment issues.
My favorites are the zombie attack and the necrophiliac hahaha omg!

dinsdag 8 mei 2012

What is freedom?

Yup another one shot from Vancouver, my boyfriend came with the documentary "Carts of Darkness"

A documentary showing the story of a few homeless men who have combined bottle picking with the extreme sport of racing shopping carts down the steep hills of North Vancouver and make it their living.

"You don't need to be greedy about 20 dollars a day, that's about enough.
If I want to acquire something, then I might to put a little more effort to it.
But everytime you put effort into work and you make only a little bit of money you better have a very good plan on what you're gonna do with that money, because you're using up your life.

We're not prisoners.
We should not be prisoners in the economical system that we live in.
We should be free!"

Watch this documentary here

Review: The Avengers Assemble

So yesterday I watched the Avengers with my friends in the cinema and I totally loved it!

Even though there are positive messages everywhere, I'd still hold back without to many expectations. I even questioned my friend if it was a good decision to see it 3D since it was conversed, haha a good impression is so important to me.
Beside that, I didn't know any of the superhero stories except for that they exist..

Yeaa that big green hulk that no one can stop..
Iron man? Can he shoot lasers with his eyes?
Captain american, who the fuck...

So I was a little afraid I wouldn't understand the story, but I'd just go and see the techniques and special effects..
And whoa! I loved it! The storyline was easy to follow even though you dont know any of the superheroes, because you get to know everything you NEED to know in the movie. All was very easy to follow and got you dragged into the story.
LOVED the 3D! It really add something pleasing to watch.

Anything negative?
It's Marvel.
Not that that is negative, but it has its own personality (like anything).
When I watched movies and series by marvel, I always dazzled off by the dialogues of wtf ever that explained about certain things and the movie contained the same kind of dialogues which I just visually skipped.

As a non-marvel fan, I do surely recommend this movie to anyone that likes action, special effects and a little bit of fantasy. The movie contains a lot of (maybe geeky) humor and has a pretty good storyline, which has its cliché sometimes.

So now to you,
have you seen this movie yet? What did you think of it?
Drop me a line below...

donderdag 3 mei 2012

Life, enJoy

Life, enJoy animationshort trailer.
Graduating animationclass of the 'Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam' in 2012.

So long!

So it been soo long I havent wrote a message, but no news is good news, even great news!
I am graduated! :D

Life, enJoy exhibition stand
I worked the last two months so hard I couldn't even play games or go snowboarding, I even skipped work for 3 weeks but I made it!
I finished the animation and spend my time on making a great exhibition, posters, cards and an awesome stand were required. So I managed to spread out 100 cards through the school with my info on the front and an invitation on the back and I spread out 20 posters throughout the school, with having 10 back-ups for when they're ripped off

This was effective!
As I walked around wearing my card as a namecard, I got recognized throughout the school "Hey I seen your posters everywhere!" "So it is you that's leading the 'Are you following your dreams' campaign?" getting recognized like that was a really awesome feeling and I got a lot of comments about the animation. Some dicussions and compliments all around, I talked my thoat dry.

It was a 3-days during exhibition and afterwards we ended with a party. Because my birthday was on day 3, I took cakes and other sweets with me to celebrate and my family came over to visit as well.
I was beat for 3 days afterwards, my whole body was sore and I had musclepain on my leggs haha (Im in such terrible condition)

But now I'm full on energy again! I have gone back snowboarding and started my games again :D I can relax now untill next year, where I will enter another graduation year, that's gonna be really tough!

Here are some photos of the event, unfortunately I lost the photos of day 2;

Day 1, after building up

Meeting Zelda on someone else's stand :D

Cutting cake like a boss!

Talking, explaining, discussing.. :D

My stand on celebration mode, day 3

Part of my graduation class, with teachers on the left

Yea, I'm gonna miss my class.. I will enter a new class next year, with about 30 people, it's gonna be really busy as we have a 2 yr study in just 1 year + graduation all together. But it's definitly exited as we're all more adult than we were in our past years :D

Now I'm having a holiday and I'm already up for the next thing. I'm looking for a job this summer because I dont have faith I can get to work often at my current job, the supermarket. So I sent my application to our local video rental store. How awesome it would be if I get invited and get the job :D

Next to that I caught this project yesterday on Brandfighters.nl about making a video where you explain "What does earth means to you?" which I will put my energy to. It's a good subject and I think I can make something out of it, otherwise, just for filling up my portfolio which must be updated by the end of this month as well.
Also I will start KITESURFING next week! :D It been my dream for 2 years to do this and now it's gonna happen next friday!

So enough plans ahead, I'm sorry for the big post, I'll keep in touch more often now so you wont get a headache reading big stories like these.

I wish you lovely days and talk to you later!