woensdag 18 april 2012




I'm currently working on my exhibition for next week, so much ened to be done and I'm so dead exited!!

My hands and feet feel weak by thinking of it OMGG

I'm so happy and glad I made it and gonna do this shit, I'm aiming for the best!!

zondag 15 april 2012

The end is near!

Feeling good abt myself
Yes you've read it right!

Past week I've been working hard on my graduation project, however, I didn't make fridays deadline.

I've had a final presentation about Life, enJoy where I presented the parts that were done, about 7 of 13 shots and suprisingly my examinators were very enthusiast about what I made so far !
At first they were speechless and they wanted to see it another 3 times, then they gave me bunch of compliments about how they didn't expect I would make it 'this' good!
I was so overwhelmed, I'd never expect that! I told my old homeroom teacher and even he told me they were still talking about it, gosh such honor!

Yet much work is still ahead and needs to be delivered before next friday. So I worked all weekend and finished untill shot 10, the plan is to make it before wednesday. Wish me luck ^_^.

Yesterday I celebrated my mothers 50th birthday!
She's a Sarah now and we celebrated it with the whole family and friends at rented partyhall.
I had lots of fun as I served everyone lots of food and met family I hadn't been seeing for a while, beside showing off being the daughter of my lovely mom at her collegues and boss ;) haha

Here are some photos and I'm working on the video of it ^_^

Look; Curls and shorts :D

Helping sis serving food

Playing pool with friends

Posers ^_^
Bar'at'tending (a)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend,

The end is near, I'll be happy when I'm graduated ^_^

Take care!

woensdag 11 april 2012

Live and die on this day

All exhausted from working from morning till night on my graduation project..

Just a nice song to share,

Once more into the fray....

To live and die tomorrow

zondag 8 april 2012

Happy easter after Preston Palace

To start out we caught the easter bunnies this morning on their way to hide eggs all over the place

Modern easter bunnies are very mobile
This is cool right?

We spotted them when we went home from a night at Preston Palace, the all-in hotel (Dutch).

We spend the night saying goodbye to my brother who will be departing tomorrow to Denmark for 3 months, to try and get a job over there so he can start a living.
We went with the whole family and couples and we didn't know about it beforehand, next to my sister and mom who organized it. WOW THANKS A LOT!

Preston Palace is a hotel where you can enjoy a LOT of things included with the price. This means, all food and drinks are included and you can get as much as you like!
They served any drink and any kind of kitchen all around, they had a 'bar street' where you could visit different kinds of bars, or pubs, to drink or join karaoke. About two disco's, a theatre and a movie theatre, swimmingpool and even a themepark! Next to all the things they have for kids.
ALL of that, in ONE building. When I heard it, I didn't believe it, but I could check it for myself and it was all right. There was food on every corner, pie, drinks and all whatsoever. We've gone through it all, even the swimming and karaoke, and enjoyed it very much.

Here are some photo's and videos of the event.

Chocolate easter eggs await us in our hotelroom :D

Obviously I couldn't resist (a)..

Sister and Mom giving us a tour through the hotel



Me haa, outfit of the day

Getting ready for the night ^^


And an EPIC LASERSHOW in the preston hall I loved and filmed :D

We drinked, we ate, we swam and partied the night out!

Enjoyed next mornings easter breakfast and went back home.

It was full of win!

I hope you had a happy easter as well, I will now rush to bed so I wont be too dead tomorrow, much work is ahead. ^^;

vrijdag 6 april 2012

Canadians have no fear!

There's such a thing about Canada,
I often receive strange reactions when I tell them I want to move to Canada.

"Lol Canada, really? hahha Canada is so dull."

Not dull but interesting, respectfull and idolizing.
In Canada people respect each other, treat each other on the same level and, that way, build a strong society.

I've just hit this video showing a part of Micheal Moore's documentary "Bowling for Columbia" where he takes the point of discussion why there are more murderers in the US. Although I do not believe Canada is a saint and has less murderers and criminals around, but to see the strong differences in peoples beliefs and way of living really hit my interests. Canadians are really keeping their doors open even if they're not home or when they are sleeping. They have no fear, but you can see it in the video down below.

I havent seen this movie although I did hear about it long time ago. So it's my next thing to do!

Past week I've been crazy busy working on my graduation project and there's still a lot to do.... Next friday is the deadline, I wonder if I make it...
I'll be out for this weekend also as a goodbye to my brother who's departing to Denmark for three weeks :/
Gah, hard works..

Have a nice weekend everyone!