zaterdag 31 maart 2012

Earth hour

Pretty lights for beautiful moments, times and sceneries.

But don't forget the beauty of earth

Turn off the lights off for an hour and think of the beauty of earth for just that hour. Wouldn't you love to see this staying?

Just one hour left,

Have a lovely weekend

woensdag 28 maart 2012

Close your eyes and spread your arms

Be happy,

Life is what you make it,

A day without laughter is a day thrown away

Just sit there, close your eyes and spread your arms, I promise you, you won't fall,
Just fly.

dinsdag 27 maart 2012

I have a dry throat.

No seriously, I do.

I'm having a cold for about 2 weeks now, it first starting bad with a sore throat and lots of coughing but now it's just dry and useless.

Now my-o-my what do I find by accident....

The cinnamon challenge.

I know I'm pretty late for announcing this, but I swear I knew about it already for a month :x

The cinnamon challenge is a true hype on Youtube and get more fame by the day.
The challenge is to SWALLOW a whole spoon of cinnamon without using any water, which is nearly impossible, as those 100 videos show.

So through some youtube videos of brown coughs and dying people, I had to laugh with this kid

This kid is really cute and has humor :D

But the seriousness of this challenge hit me after watching this video


I felt this in my own throat and lungs as how dry they are at the moment.
What's crossing their minds on trying this!

Yea, adventurous? because everyone else is doing it?

Well please,

Spare your life by this pathetic risk of dying or you might end up like this:

zaterdag 24 maart 2012

I wanna dance dance dance tonight!

Last week
I'm currently listening to Bigbang, so the asian me pops out and I just wanna dance. Wanna see the world in collors and move my body untill I can no more.

So tonights party is the 90's party in the city I'm going to with my friends. I dont think there'll be photos but it doesn't matter, because I'll be to busy dancing and you don't want to see that. :P

Yup I'm in the mood! Have a lovely weekend, don't forget to switch an hour on your clock tonight, this means tomorrow is a shorter day~ Crap.

donderdag 22 maart 2012

The sun may shine but things are only perfect when you're around

Me today.

It's been a while since writing because I'm hella-busy working on my graduation project and dealing a cold at the same time.
However, today was a day-off. The sun was shining and I just couldn't set my mind on going to school, so I stayed home and did some stuff I still needed to do. Like bills, appointments and slacks.
It was so warm today I couldnt resist staying out of the sun, I walked the dog, skated around, I've sunbathed in my garden and painted my nails.
It was lovely and it felt like holiday,

At the end of the day I met up Nathalie and went shopping, we had a dinner and a limit to spend!
But it was very nice and I felt free and happy;

Dinner at Babylon, Mainly lamb with garlicyoghurt

Sporty outfit I bought, the shirt says: LIKE, I was sold.

Shiny sweater I bought, for the colder summer nights..

Shirt I'm TOTALLY in love with, I wonder why.. ^^

Now it's time to sleep and get back to hard work... It's serious business! Wahh~ Summer is just so distracting ._.
Enjoy the weather AND FREE TIME.
And hope to write in a few days~

Goodnight ^-^

zondag 18 maart 2012

Party de Harry 2012

The Birthdayfish

Present for Harry


Nathalie ^_^


..... Boys....

Having some sigars

Caught you, sorry

Jorien and Anneke, so cute ^-^

Party de Harry 2012 was a real hit!
We started by a search for Norbert, the host of the party, who went hiding in a tree. Then we just talked, drinked and had a good time. I even won playing Yahtzee -win-

some still photo's of the night
Hints on the search

The dungeon map

Harry Fish

Sixpack art by me

Yup, up to Party de Harry 2013~!

Seen the photo's?
Leave me a message down below ;)

Happy birthday Ellis!

zaterdag 17 maart 2012

donderdag 15 maart 2012

300 days together


Priority 1 of a relationship.

~A post I saved on my mobile~

"Partners help each other undress before having sex, but after sex they always dress on their own."
Moral of this; In life, once you get fucked, no one else is there to help you.

I love this saying, because it's true and makes me carefull in putting trust onto others.
But it made me think;
What if partners start to demand from each other to even help dressing after sex? What would it effect the relationship? Would the level of trust and intimacy increase when you make that little action your usual habbit?
Would this undo the saying as you proof to help in any way?

It's like a mother undress and dress her child, eldery that take care of each other, they have such a strong loving bond and would always look after each other, would it be because of this invisible intimacy?

There's this famous story going across facebook which I have already seen passing over 20 times since 2006.
Its about this story (

In this story a man has an affair with another woman and wants to devorce his current wife. The wife does not agree at first but then comes with only one condition; to carry her every day from the bedroom to the front door for one month. Though the man finds it strange, he agrees to her last wish as he feel guilt for devorce.
During each day of the month he feels love coming back, he realize how years their marriage have already passed. Due holding her everyday, bringing her to the door, he notices the small details of his wife, her wrinkles, the fragrance of her blouse, her graying hair. She has been with him for years and he notices that what they were missing was this intimacy; of being this close everyday.

Lack of intimacy may be the biggest problem of having a diluted relationship. Which cause in men or women to find in someone else.
The lesson to pull out here is to enjoy each other, enjoy every bit of life together, hug, kiss, love, miss.

Help undress each other before sex and start helping dressing each other after sex.

woensdag 14 maart 2012

A plan for the future

Yesterday I helped out my school on their 'open evening' about their studies. I've been telling people about the animation study and my experiences and advices, it was very fun, but also energytaking, to do.
When I took a break I went to check out the interactive media course, inform if I could follow another year at this course. After some chit chat I found out this really is interesting and usefull! It would mean I'll have another certificate in only an extra year of hard study. Opening more chances on getting a job! So I'm going to search the possibilities and then sign on this course.

But first things first, I must get my Media design: animations certificate and today I managed to finish a part once again whuu ^^ I have also received my car theory book so the super study mode is on!


maandag 12 maart 2012

Digital artist reading :D

Today I've been to a reading by Han Hoogerbrugge, a digital artist of the Netherlands.

Black and white, because he's all about black and white.
Han makes illustrations and comics about daily life. But also is he working as an interactive animator. On his portfolio you'll find a lot about these strange pictures that have an interactive touch by mouse-overs and buttons. Though all images have a personal touch, everyone could find themselves into it. 

In his reading he told us about himself; how he started, what he did and how he dealed with clients etc. He showed us some of his work and explained about it.

What inspired me was the fact he teached his animations himself. He managed to get his own website at the time the internet was just growing and forced himself to make an animation every two weeks. After he mastered animation he put himself into interaction bringing him to where he is now.

Such a thing takes a lot of selfdiscipline and I could pull a lesson out from it.

I'm glad I've been at his reading because he's doing exactly what I'm currently interested to. I will check his work out often coming days

Here's an music video he made for the Pet Shop Boys.

You can check out his website here (
and can check out his first interactive animations out here (

Now I'm out with the dog and then go to sleep cause I feel a flu is coming up, wahh~

Nighty night

zondag 11 maart 2012

A day to not forget.

3/11/11. The day the tsunami devastated the eastern coasts of Japan.

Today was memorial day of this terrible happening.

Even as a european, I felt with the sorrow of the Japanese. And even today I am mourning in silence.
When this happened, I stood still on the fact that even with a few natural disasters a whole country could just dissapear. I was really afraid Japan would come to an end, due the damage on the nuclear plant in Onagawa terrorising Tokyo.
And although I believe a lot is still going on that the media doesn't show, I believe the worst is over.

At those times I just wish to fly over and offer a helping hand. But I would just be in the way, I'm too young after all. Maybe in a few years I could really mean something to help others in a situation like these. Because I feel being a help to others, to victims, counts most in this world.

zaterdag 10 maart 2012

It's not like you can bring me down!

A blog from happy me!

Me being happy :D
I have made the very important deadline of today!

You know when one thing goes out of hand, everything does.
So I had a lot to catch up for this friday to continue my exam project Life, enJoy.

I've been working the past days in my free time at school to catch up on an animatic ( A sketch on how your animation will look like. To time everything straight and to visualize to others how it will somewhat look like ) and while my animation estimated around 3-4 minutes. It eventually ended at 10! So I did a lot more work than I calculated before hand! But I pushed myself, no matter how long it'd be, to finish it. So I feel like a boss today.

I celebrated the night by playing Sims 2 and staying up late writing this blog :D

Yesterday night I been out with my boyfriend and my friend Nath, we went to buy stuff and had dinner at the Wok2Go :D it was really good, and cheap too! Wanna go again! >.<

Afterwards my boyfriend and I decided to watch the movie "The Grey" that just hit the cinemas here.

I don't want to spoil much, but I didn't like it.
The realisation of the movie felt to weak. I didn't feel connection with the actors that way.

But I'm very critical. The story however is great!
It's about a plane that crashes in alaska and a handfull survivors trying to get out of the wilderniss with wolves. Also the end was a pro!

So if you are even interested in 'adventure' 'survival' 'outdoor' 'Liam Neeson' kind of movies, and you are not as picky as I am then you would definitly enjoy this movie. :D

Here's a trailer

If you have seen it, or if you are planning to. Let me know your opinions about it :) Was interesting to you? Realistic? Thrilling?

Now I'm off to bed as I completely lost track of time.

Have a nice weekend everyone, have a piece of Choco cake we had!

JK <3 Ri. on chococake yest'