woensdag 29 februari 2012

Going with the flow

Boyfriend and I

Yesterday I had my boyfriend over at my place. He was sick so we've been taking it easy, we went to the store to find a full-body size mirror for my room. Unfortunately we didn't find one so we moved back home.
On the road back we suddenly found a store selling wakeboards! OMG!
Wakeboarding is my favorite sport, together with snowboarding. I can't believe there's a wakeboard store in MY village! o_o
So we had a look there and I bought this purple cap I'm totally in love with

With purple cap :D

But man, I'm so pleeeeeeaaaaaaaased! I can't wait for it to become summer, so I can hit the water again with a wakeboard... Mmmm It's totally relaxing

Wakeboarding next to my boyfriend 11/9/'11

Yeah...... I'll just get back to work now ._.
Haven't been able to check anything from my checklist yet >.<


Have a nice day!

maandag 27 februari 2012

The butterfly effect

I just watched the Butterfly effect and left me so impressed.
I loved it how they tried out EVERY single way of possibility in the movie. Like when I thought all possibilities were over, there was still one left. Wow.

Definitly recommending it!


And did you know the movie was filmed in Vancouver, Canada?

Now you do.


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I have registered on bloglovin' and lost time in finding blogs about Canada. I have found a lot and noticed most of the blogs were held by exchange students, by this I mean norwegian and swedish students. On every -name-incanada.blog.com it was held by a swedish or norwegian typing out in their native language. It was interesting to read as I can read a little swedish and have saved a couple of blogs I will share later for promotion. I'm planning to also contact some blogs in order to share a network and to find out more about Canada.


Clean up my room

Finish the animatic

Finish the business plan assignment

Go jogging

Pass the jogging track


Meet up friends

Shopping a mirror for my room

So today I'll be working on my homework and finish my animatic before 18:00.

Have a nice day everyone !

zondag 26 februari 2012

Lazy sunday

Artsy egg
Yesterday I had my boyfriend over, so I cooked him an egg this morning.
We're currently watching "The band of brothers" which is a serie about the story of the 'easy company' on the second world war.
It's a pretty heavy serie and actually looks like a video game. But this has really happened and it's stunning to think of what these men have been through. We must be thankfull for our lives nowadays, it could've been so different.

Here's a trailer:

So tomorrow my official holiday is starting!
I will visit friends, go snowboarding and catch up my work :)

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, take care!

vrijdag 24 februari 2012

Pokerface with a smile

Today I had my second presentation, about my graduation project, and I did it like a boss!!
Unlike my yesterday's presentation, which didn't go so fluently haha
Anyway! So now I'm allowed to continue my graduation project at peace and with a smile :D

Me giving yesterday's presentation


My holidays has officially started!
I'm going to celebrate this with a pizza hawaii and a ben & jerry's cookie dough! They're my favorite

Have a nice evening ya'all!

donderdag 23 februari 2012


Ducks are being cute!

Spring is on it's way!
Everywhere I go, I hear the sound of singing birds and see a lot of ducks cuddle up together. It seems early as we just enjoyed freezing temperatures just about a week ago. But growing flowers and loving animals can't lie, right?

Even so, I'm happy spring is coming. To me, spring is a special season because it brings life.
It gives life back to plants, trees and animals that've been hiding for the cold 'winters'. -Which is my favorite season because of it's strength and determination (Well... as it should be!) coverred up in a blanket of beauty- But is also an age for new birth life. A -commonly- time for animals to get their young and keep balance in nature. It's good to stand still and think; what miracles nature brings us, how the ecosystem of our world works and keep working. We're all part of this world and are responcible to keep the ecosystem running. To see those ducks cuddling up is a sign that things are still going well. Even with the knowledge of global warming and extermination of certain breeds.
Enjoy of what's still out there and do what you can do to keep our ecosystem balanced. Because it'll simply be gone sooner or later.

A glimpse of our short winter here~

View from the garden on the first day after snowfall ♥ Februari 3 '12
 Enjoy the ecosystem!

woensdag 22 februari 2012

Piece of today

Scene shot from Life, enJoy
I worked a whole day for this!!
I was done in 2 hours, but then realized it was made on a wrong size! So I had to remake it and am out of my planning, again ._.

Working hard tonight~

Have a nice evening ya'all

dinsdag 21 februari 2012

Working life

Today we had a short class but went to the park to take a classphoto for the yearbook. Since this is our last year at college, this photo means as a memory to the class which we'll receive after graduation in our yearbook.

I'm studying multimedia design in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Our specialized study is animation (2d and 3d) But I mainly focus on 2d at the moment. For graduation we have to make an animationshort. We're completely free to chose what type of animation it's going to be and what techniques you want to use. Even free to choose if you want to do it alone or with a group!
I'm working alone on my project called: Life, enJoy.

Life, enJoy is a 2D animation short telling the story of two childhood-friends sharing the same dream of going to the castle together.
Will they make it or not? It is to be found out in the short!
You can follow the progress of my graduation project here (http://www.facebook.com/LewisAndJaden)

After graduating I haven't got a plan yet on what to do.
I could find a job fitting my current study, or getting an apprenticeship, internship, to reach even more knowledge. I haven't got plans to continue studying as I haven't found the perfect subject yet.
I could simply just save money with a simple job so I could move to Canada faster!
But then my quest on what to do will just continue....
So I still have a few months to think and take every oppertunity to find out!

Now I have to continue work and prepare two presentations I'll have to do by the end of this week.
Take care and have some chocolate eggs I bought today

Chocolate easter eggs are sure early in stores here.... No problem!

maandag 20 februari 2012

Destined for Canada

destinationcanada. taken
destination-canada. taken
roadtocanada. taken
onmywaytocanada. taken
dreamofcanada. taken
goingtocanada. taken

There are sure a lot of people that dream of going to canada, I could understand them, I'm one of them.
But why are they making blogs and then forget about it? They've taken the best names to draw attention, then leave me in the shadows to ever be found.

My name is Richelle and by today I start this blog as a guide to myself and others; how to get to Canada.
I'm a 19 yr old student currently graduating on multimediadesign. I am an openminded girl that's still searching a lot about herself and the world. Drawn by the beauty of Canada it's my goal to, one day, find my place in that beautiful place and live life.

First personalities of myself that come in mind at the moment are that;
I'm a realist, a perfectionist, a creative mind, determined, respectfull, tough, loyal, social and loving.
I'm a big believer of "Life is what you make it" and "The happiest people arent those that 'have' everything, but those that 'make the best' out of everything".
My interests goes to: dancing, art, (different) fashion, snowboarding, being outside, filming, sports, write, philosophy, studies, cooking, etc.

I live at my parental house, together with my dog Tyson in the Netherlands. I'm lucky to have found love with my boyfriend that I'm, today exactly, together with for 9 months. Also he's having a dream to find life in Canada so we're planning to realize this within a few years.

There's much to come, much to explore and much to find before getting there and by this blog, I hope to find my way to canada!

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog, never hesitate to comment, I like your attention :) Feel free to ask as well and live life!